Compile gui app on terminal without using paladin

hi guys,

i am planning to port an extensive project to haiku. its now at the beginning and will take a lot of time. but i am not willing to use paladin for that. i want to compile the several gui-apps directly from terminal.

that does not work: g++ source.cpp -o name

i need some dependencies and whatever. how can i solve that?

maybe with a specific makefile or whatever? the make file and project file for a test-app in paladin was not very clear to me?

Hi @5mware: just add the required libs to your command line like:

g++ source.cpp -o name -lbe -lsomeotherlibrary

The BeAPI provided with some standard libraries like networking stuff in libnetwork (-lnetwork for your command line), check the lib folder and the documentation for more info.

Or you can let Paladin generate you a makefile and just manually adjust it.

Easiest is using the makefile_engine, see this post.

There should be a Makefile template when choosing “New | Makefile” in the Tracker context menu.

thank you for your request. its ok now.

also a very nice way, very thanks :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with using Paladin?

nothing. i programmed something like a gui wrapper-class-framework with i am using to compile my projects on linux. its fully based on c++ and gtk. i wrapped the entire gui-set by specific classes and functions so that i don’t use directly gtk while coding a gui-app.

it’s similar to wxwigdets. but own stuff. now i decided to port it on haiku. i have some tools and a big project written with that small framework and i want to port them all without any changes or maximum few changes to haiku. therefore i need re-code all the classes that are specific to handle gtk into the haiku counterparts.

paladin seems to be unnecessarily complicated to use in that case for me. I am used to working with terminal based compilation.