Compatibility with New Hardware

I haven’t checked in on this in quite a while, so let me ask now how Haiku is coming along in the hardware compatibility area. Particularly, is it completely compatible with any current model new motherboards, or families of motherboards?


There seem to be some issues with 11th Gen Intel processors / chipsets at the moment.

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On HP Prodesk mini gen2 Intel i5 CPU with 500 series Intel Graphics (2016) Haiku boots and runs from USB and installs and runs well from an SSD. Legacy install works. Couldn’t bet UEFI install to work.

On a 2019 AMD laptop (15Z) with Amd Ryzen 5 and AMD graphis, the boot from the USB did not complete. DId not freeze, but threw a lot of errors on a white screen.

Somebody has managed to boot Haiku on the Framework “modular” laptop. I think this would be an excellent platform for Haiku to keep supporting because it claims to be ‘open’ hardware and the upgradeable design means that any special effort in supporting the hardware should be amortised over a long service life.


As I mentioned previously, AMD Ryzen-based systems seem pretty compatible (so long as you use the EFI loader.) I run on an X570-based motherboard and the system works fine. I know @kallisti5 also runs Ryzen, not sure what platform his motherboard is based on, etc.

I have a Ryzen 3 3200G with Vega 8 graphics and a 2019 HP motherboard and it runs just fine despite not having the drivers for my RTL8192ee wifi, just turn off CSM in your BIOS or else Haiku will kernel panic on boot

What’s the panic? Is it reported?


I did enter a bug report but never checked back on it, filed under same username I use here