Compatibility question

I tried to install Haiku on a Dell Lattitude D630 and was unable to get the networking to work (both wifi and ethernet). I also have an HP Compaq NX6325 laptop. Does anyone know if that has better support?

If you can find out what LAN and WLAN chipsets are built into those computers, we may find hints in the source if they should be supported.

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You check compatibility of you hardware on our hardware list.

It doesn’t say anything about CPUs. Does Haiku support AMD or just Intel?

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Run Haiku on full AMD PC, no issues.

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I also had running Haiku over an old Athlon XP, without issues.

Because the Hardware tests, the background to the list, never tells anything about not working cpu. But i will spend some time again to add the cpus into the list next days :slight_smile:

The biggest problems mostly are usb and gfx cards


CPUs added

Which page did you add the CPUs to? I can’t seem to find them on the page you linked earlier. My HP laptop has a Broadcom 4311 wifi card, but the only one I see close on the list is a Broadcom 4313. I’ll let you know if it works or not.

Quick question: Can I take the hard drive that already has Haiku on it (but networking doesn’t work) out of my Dell d630 and put it in my HP Compaq NX6425 or should I perform a fresh install with the latest nightly? I know that Windows doesn’t work when you do that, so I thought I’d ask.

As far as I know, you don’t need to do a fresh install; Haiku (and BeOS) detect the hardware you have when they boot up. The installer is quite simple, just copying files. Nothing is customized during installation.

Windows has different kernel builds for single vs multiple CPUs and other things (like BIOS SATA AHCI mode which gets baked into the registry or not installed if not detected). On the flip side, Haiku has all drivers installed, even if you don’t need them. But then hard drive prices are cheap enough that the extra space used doesn’t matter.

You can check this hardware tests for it too. But the most tests dies not have a working wifi card.

Yes you can take your hard disk and put it into a other computer.

I put the hard drive with Haiku in my HP Nx6325 and booted. The Haiku boot loader appeared and then everything was black.

I think this is the specs of my system, but I’ll doublecheck when I get home.

Have you tried the vesa grafics mode? press space during the booting before the menu is opening.

I did that and selected VGA. A color bar showed up and then disappeared. Is that the right selection?

I put in a bid for an HP Compaq NC6320, which is on your list. I can get it for $30 so I think I’ll go for it.

Take a look here: (Use the google translate function)

The tutorial is from 2005, so there may be deviations.

You just need to tick “use fail safe video mode”. There should be no need to select a specific video mode, and especially not VGA which would bring you a 16 color display. Who would want that?

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Well, I know that the laptop that I just bought on Ebay will run Haiku based on the Besly info, so I’ll wait until that gets here. :thumbsup:

If I understand well, you “switched” the hard disk from another computer. If you try to do a fresh install (or boot from a CD or USB) did you have the same issue?

Maybe in your previous computer you had a resolution not compatible with the another.

Once, I had to delete some configuration file related to the screen resolution and after that, on the next boot I had video again.

I’ll give that whirl when I get home.