Common API and Front-End for Drivers, Sw and Sys Updat

Thinking about the dynamic nature of software development, I came out with this:
A common interface for drivers, software and system updates. Something like what Software Vallet was but, expanded to drivers and the whole system.

For driver programmers, they could include a subscription address at some point. Same case for general software developers and system updates.

Some things to discuss, (maybe in order):
-There are systems that do exactly that OR could be expanded to do that OR could be adapted to do that? (Software Vallet itself could be expanded/modified/used as a base?);
-It’s viable/worth expend time doing this, at this point?;
-How the updates will be done? Acessing directly a CVS/SVN/Other repository for source-code (what requires an automated build system on the end-user), FTP/HTTP/Others for precompiled binaries?
-This kind of communication should trust a certificate? If so, the end-user could activate an “Advanced” mode, so he could manually specify the update address?
-Backup and rollback options?
-An “Update Kit” should be created? How the addresses and update instructions should be stored (BFS attributes, maybe?)?
-It should act as an central point for controlling software versions?
-A common installation interface should be created, too?
-How the update system would check for new software versions? RSS?


You are not the only one to have thoughts about all this. You might find this thread useful:


Hmm I’m sorry about that… I’ll try to put my ideas there.

Thanks for the info, DarkWyrm.

No problem. Always happy to help. :slight_smile:

There’s quite a productive discussion on the Glass Elevator mailinglist concerning a future software management system. See the “Installer” thread in the archive: