Command line install of Haiku?

Is there a command line-oriented method of installing Haiku onto a hard drive? I’m trying to automate a Packer virtual machine setup for Haiku, only I can’t use the GUI installer as Packer appears to send the wrong key-up scancodes for the left and right Alt keys, so I can’t get navigate the DriveSetup GUI from an automated script and am looking into some way to instead install Haiku via command line procedures.

If anyone can point me to the correct scancodes for signaling key-up events for the left and right Alt keys, that would also help!

Isn’t it just a matter of copying the system and home folder from the mounted install ISO onto a partition and run makebootable on the partition?

Okay, I managed to launch a Terminal by patching Packer to enable the Menu key to be pressed when the ISO boots, so I can now navigate into a bash session and enter some commands in an automated fashion!

Could we get more details for the exact commands necessary to install Haiku onto a given partition? I cobbled together this script, but when I reboot instead of a fresh Haiku install, VirtualBox just says Not a directory against a black screen.

Or, could someone help me find the source code behind the Installer GUI, so that I can replicate its behavior from bash?

Here’s the code:

Can you explain what exactly you’re trying to achieve?

What does it mean?