Codycam not working

I curently run Haiku on three machines and there’s some other laptops lying around that have run it in the past. Codycam has never actually done anything on any of those computers. I really don’t understand why this is still in the distro. They took out the cdplayer, fair enough, but why is this fossil still hanging around, then?

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I think it’s more a matter of missing drivers. Though Codycam itself could be broken, of course, we just don’t know. The firewire situation is similar, I think.

Back in 2011, Gabriel Hartmann was working on webcam support for Google Summer of Code, see his blog posts. Unfortunately, it never got to a state where Codycam worked. It hasn’t been touched since, as far as I know.

Its inclusion should be reconsidered for R1. Same as the TV app, for instance. In a beta, and even more so in a nightly image, it can only help.
Imagine the FurryOne was a power to be reckoned with when it comes to driver coding. It might just have piqued his interest and 3 weeks later we had a working CodyCam.

CodyCam is currently the only way to test webcam drivers. We do have some drivers, but the one for standard UVC webcams has been disabled because it is incomplete. I think mmu_man has probably the single webcam that works with Haiku. It is an old one that did not use the standard UVC protocol, but a custom one.

It would be possible to write a dummy video driver, that behaves like a fake webcam. This would allow for at least testing the app.

For TV, the situation is similar. Colin Gunther got it to work with a PCI TV tuner (with DVB-T support), then donated that hardware to puckipedia. Someone donated me an USB TV receiver, which I haven’t written drivers for yet, mostly for lack of time. But, the app itself is working.

I purchased a Q350 web cam because it was thought to have a Haiku USB driver. However, it doesn’t show up in listdev. What is the web cam that mmu_man has, that has a driver? I would like to have some video source for testing UltraDV video editor we are working on.

I should mention also, UltraDV has some code for accessing video from web cams. So there is the potential for having another app with video input support. Code for UltraDV can be found here: UltraDV on git

I bought a cheap web cam on ebay to test CodyCam and it works!
Macally ICECAM Portable USB, which has a USB driver. When I plug it in, boot to Haiku, and run CodyCam, I can see my beautiful face :slight_smile:

If someone can provide valid FTP server parameters I can serve Haiku photos for a few days or so. I think CodyCam needs to be recompiled so that the text fields are wider. The server parameters cannot be displayed because the text fields are too narrow.

The web cam is displayed as a source in Cortex as Sonix USB Webcam. Is it possible to use Cortex to test and display a video source? When I select Demo Video, it goes to KDL, DwarfManager with Media add-ons. VideoWindow also goes to KDL, DwarfManager Media add-ons.


Yes, that makes sense. I would prefer it if currently non-functioning apps were in their own hpkg so that we could uninstall them, but that involves MoreWork™ :wink:

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Same for me !
I bought one last week. Macally IceCam 1 (not IceCam 2 ! 2 is not working !).
Tested on Hrev 56627

Image is just … quite old :rofl:

So, as far as I know, there is no other webcam compatible ?


wasn’t someone working on a haiku video chat application a few years ago ??? the name escapes me though

Probably voptop, but the Haiku version is gone from their website now:

that’s disappointing, had hopes for something like that. being able to zoom would be nice

VIDEO chat without ‘real’ WebCam support?

You can use IP-Cam or any video stream as virtual webcam: haiku_media_addons/Video/IPCamera at main · threedeyes/haiku_media_addons · GitHub

It works fine with CodyCam and Telegram video chats for example.


if we’re talking about bundled apps, could CodyCam be granted videochat capabilities or would it be better to have a dedicated videochat app?

It can be added to chat apps. I will probably add it to Renga someday for XMPP, and Telegram already supports it. CodyCam will remain just for testing the camera, I think.

is IP cam video only or vid&audio ??

Video source only

How can those add-ons be used? I couldn’t find any info about that.

This is a thread describing it: Using an IP camera as a webcam
I never tried it.