[Closed] LOHIT Font characters not appearing in LO writer

I have installed indic fonts, Lohit…but I am unable to type in Hindi…I have set the CTL option in writer as Hindi, and also language options…

In void linux, I open the IBUS…here, I can change it to Hindi or English…Transliteration also is there…

Key map switcher does not have anything for Hindi

Think there is no replies forth coming for this…
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Good day @san2ban,

AFAIK, (devs correct me if I’m wrong), Haiku does not have yet an Unified Input Method, a la IBUS. Bearing in mind that I know nothing about Hindi, how the language is structured nor the characters used, I’m going to say the following (beware of mistakes):

1- If Hindi needs a different Input method, i.e. like Chinese, Korean and Japanese, where the language’s symbols are introduced by a combination of latin characters, most likely you will need an specific input method to type Hindi.
I understand that by “writer” you mean Libre Office Writer, then if there is no Hindi input method in the OS, LibreOffice Writer will not type Hindi, regardless the number of Hindi fonts you add.

2- If Hindi characters can be mapped onto an i.e. ANSI keyboard layout, I mean, if the number of characters needed by the language fit within the number of keys of a regular ANSI keyboard layout, you could make your own Keymap Hindi Layout. Haiku allows you to do that and change the layout through Keymap Switcher. Cyrillic (Russian alphabet), for example has 32(33) letters, so doesn’t need a different input method, just a Keyboard Layout. Simplified Chinese has over 5.000 characters thus needs a different input method, and on Haiku it is BeCJK. Without BeCJK it’s not possible to type Chinese nor Japanese nor Korean.

Therefore, if Hindi needs its own input method and it’s not available on HaikuDepot, you won’t be able to type Hindi yet. If Hindi characters can be mapped onto an ANSI (or whatever) keyboard layout, and there is no available layout yet, you could make the layout yourself, it’s not that hard. :wink:


Don’t know if this is helpful

And Haiku don’t need it. Haiku already have input method API and modern full featured Japanese IM (Mozc).

I don’t know about Hindi and how it is written on PC, but it is possible to make input method add-on for Hindi if needed.

That would be a good Idea.
Hindi and Malayalam used by Indians will make Haiku even more popular!

According to following picture additional keyboard layout may be enough.

Thanks for all your replies…I do not want a keyboard layout…on this physical keyboard itself, using phonetics, I can type in Hindi, when using IBUS on voidlinux…
English alphabets itself will render Hindi characters according to phonetics / transliteration

I feel that it is possible to achieve by editing Canna IM dictionaries.

Is it available, this Canna IM in Haiku?

Why dont you check yourself? https://depot.haiku-os.org/#!/?bcguid=bc1-TXKB&repos=haikuports&arch=x86_64&viewcrttyp=FEATURED&srchexpr=Canna

It is available for Japanese in HaikuDepot.

One have to edit the Canna IM dictionaries and save them as Hindy IM I suppose?!


Baraha software, when installed, Hindi can be typed easily on LO writer, MS word via IM…just by changing input language
Proprietory, paid around US$ 15 in Indian Rupees… worth it…no headaches

That fellow will not build a package for any other platform except MS Windows…asks linux users to run this on vine