[Closed] Driver for rtl8192EE available. How to port it to Haiku?

Today, I came across the below info

Looks like there is a driver for 8192EE… I am willing to work on porting it to Haiku…
Somebody pl. guide me…I have graduated in Electronics engineering, 30 years industrial experience, not written a single line of code till date…
So, pl. guide me, I will follow

Fed up of using my laptop as source of internet connection for Haiku desktop

Appears to be for Linux… I got carried away as soon as I saw this

Anyway, on Linux, rtl8192EE works out of the box

Best option are to se if there exist on FreeBSD. We have a layer to use FreeBSD network cards from there source

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Looks like I am not going to be helped in this…closing…

Have you tried out if your card is supported by FreeBSD 13? Should be the rtwn driver from what a quick search told me. If it is, maybe the drivers ported from FreeBSD to Haiku could be updated.