Clock 'replicant' stuck on desktop

Afternoon, gang.

I don’t quite know HOW, but I seem to have a replicant of the clock stuck on the left-hand edge of my desktop. No ‘handle’ showing, so no way to drag it to the Trash. No apparent way to move it either…all I can do with it is click to cycle through the various colour/theme options.

Any ideas how I can get shot of it? TIA.

Mike. :thinking:

From the User Guide on Replicants:

Should you experience difficulties with a Replicant on the Desktop and just can’t get rid of it, delete ~/config/settings/Tracker/tracker_shelf. Unfortunately, this will remove all Replicants from the Desktop.

Thank 'ee kindly, sir. Yes, that seems to have fixed it; can’t quite figure out what happened there, since that’s the first replicant that’s given me problems. Most of them behave themselves…

Ah, well. I’ll file that link away for future reference.


Mike. :slightly_smiling_face:

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