Cleanup python recipes for version 3.7

At haikuports we are in the process of removing python3.7 from the recipes and adding python3.10 to them.
As with always there has been a discussion to remove python3.8 also, (python3.7 will soon see EOL), for python3.8 we are holding of for about 6 months so users still using python3.8 can update their work to use the default python3.9 now.

Any comments are welcome here and at the issue at haikuports: Drop support for Python 3.7 · Issue #8025 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub

@BiPolar is already re-working some recipes like I did when we dropped python2.7 in most of the recipes. (happy hunting there :wink: ) (but you want be alone in this).


Why are you adding 7.10 if 7.9 is the default? should not 7.10 be default then?

We’ve had multiple python versions in recipes for a long time, since beta4 python3.9 became default over python3.7, python3.10 has been around for a while but quite some packages are missing the python3.10 version.

EDIT python3.9 being default is a choice made by the core Haiku developers :slight_smile:

As mentioned, Python 3.9 is default on Haiku R1B4. Some newer FOSS developments ported to Haiku use Python 3.10 (like Blender 3.x), but the default for current porting and transitioning is Python 3.9 - for now.