Cleanup python recipes for version 3.7 and version 3.8

At haikuports we are in the process of removing python3.7 from the recipes and adding python3.10 to them.
As with always there has been a discussion to remove python3.8 also, (python3.7 will soon see EOL), for python3.8 we are holding of for about 6 months so users still using python3.8 can update their work to use the default python3.9 now.

Any comments are welcome here and at the issue at haikuports:

@BiPolar is already re-working some recipes like I did when we dropped python2.7 in most of the recipes. (happy hunting there :wink: ) (but you want be alone in this).


Why are you adding 7.10 if 7.9 is the default? should not 7.10 be default then?

We’ve had multiple python versions in recipes for a long time, since beta4 python3.9 became default over python3.7, python3.10 has been around for a while but quite some packages are missing the python3.10 version.

EDIT python3.9 being default is a choice made by the core Haiku developers :slight_smile:

As mentioned, Python 3.9 is default on Haiku R1B4. Some newer FOSS developments ported to Haiku use Python 3.10 (like Blender 3.x), but the default for current porting and transitioning is Python 3.9 - for now.


Today I have switched Python 3.10 to be the default for the “python3” command.

Since the migration to Python 3.9, it seems there are a few packages that were not yet rebuilt to use newer Python versions, and so, for now, we provide 5 Python versions: 2.7, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9 and 3.10.

It should be possible to remove 3.7 and 3.8 after rebuilding a few packages that still rely on them. After discussing this with other Haikuports developers, it would be a good idea to finish this work before adding a Python 3.12 recipe to avoid covering an unreasonable number of Python versions (and confusing users about which one to get).

So, if you are looking for some work to do, our help on rebuilding the remainng software relying on Python 3.7 is welcome!


Thanks for the change, I think it’s about time to drop python2.7, or should we still keep it around for things relying on it? (bethon being one of them)

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I’d vote for dropping it. Projects should have been migrated from 2.7 ages ago.

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Just tackled the last one in the list that still uses lib:libpython2.7 (there is still gdb8 but it’s disabled and build seems broken).
Think it would be best to just drop it and tackle (where possible) the issues that arizes.

EDIT, button pushed, python2.7 is history. :slight_smile:


As of now, python3.7 is EOL also and has been removed from the repository, next in line would be python3.8 (which from what I can tell isn’t that widely used, merely as a thing to “have” in the recipes).
Some cleanup will be in order but we’ll tackle that when it comes to it.


@BiPolar has made a PR for python3.11, this should act as a interim version untill python3.12 is released in October (test results running python3.12 looking good.
We’re not going to push any recipes that will be using python3.11 for this matter.

On the other side, time to part with python3.8, my vote is up there, so unless someone steps up this will be history soon too.

And … python3.8 is history now too! Cleanup on python recipes will be needed there, but I guess we can wait on those when python3.12 hits the scene, thanks to @BiPolar for taking care of this one! :ok_hand:

EDIT Maybe we could ask @korli if he could do his magic bulk push there to cleanup on python3.8? :wink:


Just in case… I’m working on the bulk-update for dropping old “_python38” packages :slight_smile:

Just need to take care of a few recipes that need manual intervention, and double/triple check things before opening the PR for it.

Edit: added missing word. Guess I should double/triple check before posting :stuck_out_tongue:. PR is up, BTW.