Clean up administrative states?

My Haiku boot drive is pretty full, and I have installed almost nothing on it. My home folder is almost empty as well. I tried to use DiskUsage to see where the space went, and it seems like there might be a bunch of old packages in /boot/system/packages/administrative/state* folders.

Can I delete those without breaking stuff? Is there a way to automatically clean those up? Are they needed?


Hello. those ‘states’ allows you to boot an older revision. For example, if after a system upgrade something broke, this allows you to boot using your previous version of Haiku (more information here: Boot Loader )

If after an upgrade you did not found any regression, is safe to delete them.

To clean old system states I recommmend to install FilWip from HaikuDepot.

Hope this information is useful.


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Yes! This is very useful information - I had states going back a couple of years!

FilWip cleaned up 3.84 GB of files… thank you very very much.

I recommend that you dig forum a bit. There are already few threads about the subject that would explain why FilWip is not the right remedy.
Also, you may want to upvote these tickets about states. #15915, #16632, #16790.

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Thanks - I think in my case I’m fine but definitely could see where using FilWip recklessly could cause problems, and having an overall better solution for this makes a lot of sense. I upvoted all those tickets.