Clean shutdown when app_server crashed

Is it possible? Physical shutdown button is not working. At least it would be nice to call sync before hard reset.


Yes it is a very, very old problem!
Haiku cannot shutdown!
Reported many many times!
It is like it is… an unresolved problem!
Seems like to be 32bit specific

If you have ssh access to the machine you can do it from there (using the poweroff command)

The shutdown button is just a button, it needs something to do the shutdown process and I think a lot of that code is in app_server? Or needs it a bit too much at least (to show the shutdown window, cleanly exit all apps, etc). Probably some of this code needs to be moved in launch_daemon and made more resilient to handle the case when app_server is not replying?

Most of the shutdown logic sits in the Registrar. The long term plan was to merge the lauch daemon, and the registrar together (for most things, some better fit elsewhere).