Clasqm repo fails to add

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I’ve been trying to add the Clasqm repo (x64) for some time as it has plenty of documentation without any success:
Always fails to add the repo. Is there some maintenance going on?

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There’s a problem with all additional repos on x64 nightlies except FatElK. Why this one works is mystery.
SoftwareUpdater says it fails to recover cache…

I reported a bug on haiku bug-tracker. It is mystery

64bit repo is not available long time ago iirc. Only 32bit is active

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Have to disagree, @lelldorin, I’ve been using that repo on 64 (I just do 64) for long time until recently. I did some rearrangements, some reinstalling, and some usb keys with Haiku and, not sure exactly when, stopped working.

I’m with @Starcrasher, this is some sort of mystery, magic perhaps? ghosts? :ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost::ghost:

I like the documentation galore available at that repo. Next time it is available I should make a backup somewhere… :grinning:


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Any repo with a space in the name seems to fail. I think that is why fatelk still works.

The problem is that the url in the file was changed from
url <>
(or https)

so the reader get an error by parsing the url.
the problem is that no one inform about this change, but this isn’t a big problem. Only the repo owner must change the data and generate the needed files (repo, repo.sha256) upload to server and its works again.
I ask in the bugtracker, if they would change it again and how can they inform the other repo owner.

Someone who use repomaker for it, i will update in a few days the package of repomaker.

Since some time ago, the clasqm repo is no longer mantained:

However the hpkg files are still available for direct donwload (check the link).

I can try to contact the owner, but since him explicitly said that will not mainteined anymore, I’m not sure.

Maybe one of the other repo’s (BeSly, FatElk, etc.) are interested in “adopt” that packages?

Not without a go (he need to agree with that) by clasqm, it is his hard work. He stoped working on it past too many changes has done and he need rework every package again and again.

Not fine that he has left haiku


Hello @lelldorin. With all my respect, I have to disagree. I didn’t remember any change in Haiku that had forced him to done again his packages.

In fact, an important number of that packages were apps from BeOS, that don’t had sources available. In other words, there was no source code to recompile. And others apps that were indeed ported, didn’t had any updates for years and still works without issue in recent Haiku builds.

Have a nice day :+1:

You can think that you like, i have read his blog post (not longer available) about his problems with repackaging of all java stuff on his repo. There are many changes in the past and everytime he change things in his packages again an again.

He left haiku, the repo64 available but without support and he is not active sience 2017 iirc

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It would have helped if he shared some of the work he did to get things ported over, in that case we could have stepped in to keep the work he did (and credits to it’s owner) available for some time …


Just in case anyone want to preserve Clasqm packages, you can follow his instructions to download them with this command:

To download ALL files:

For x86_gcc2: In Haiku, open a terminal, cd to your downloads folder and type:

wget -r -np

For x86_64: In Haiku, open a terminal, cd to your downloads folder and type:

wget -r -np



That’s also why we ask people to write recipes. A script can be rerun by someone else, modified, fixed…
Experience is much harder to transmit. It doesn’t mean the time spent by people is not appreciated, it’s just that it is more efficient to transmit written stuff.

And it’s totally possible to use haikuporter to repackage binaries btw…


Does anyone have a downloadable archive of the contents of the x86_64 repository that I could access? The domain is no longer registered, so the wget instructions no longer work… There were a few gems here that I had on another machine (lost to the great nightly munging of pkgman of 2021) that I would love to recover.

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I just found this on Haiku 32bit …



This should be saved somewhere.


yeah… thereis xmledit too there. that i failed when try to compile it … but sadly seem michael don’t write recipe for that…

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