ClamAV antivirus maybe usable?

I know that’s not a priority but maybe someone is interested in having an antivirus for emails and files in general.
I tried to compile, and with a lot of efforts (for me), I managed to compile only a small part of the clamav antivirus. It lacks a lot of features and parts of it, but clamscan works very very slowly. Maybe someone more expert in building/compiling software can step in.

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It would only make sense to chfcknon beos partition, because calmav does not know beos viruses

is ther no way to add beos and posible haiku virus definitions to the clam av?
maybe it can be better if work.

Is there actually any BeOS/HAIKU virus?
If there would be any, it would be easy to hide it in a package, so clamav would be unable to remove it.
So yeah, it is only useful to scan data before one shares it with other OS.


HaikuClam - Haiku Gui , with latest CamAv backend. On demand scanning. screenshot1


King James Bible 1611 Bible App.kscreenshot1


Ok a little bit late, but yes there are ways to solve this.

  • The anti virus app can remove the package (with ok by the user).
  • The app can copy the package to temp, unpacking, removing infected stuff, rebuilding package and moving with replacing old one to package folder back.

Basically, the main purpose of antivirus on Haiku is to clean mounted Windows / Linux partitions. Even those where virus actively prevents running an AV software. Therefore, I think, antivirus on Haiku is a very good (and really useful) thing.

A big “Thank You” for your work uSer8, @extrowerk well knowing that somewhere there’s a virus is better than nothing, even if hits (or don’t) Haiku system.

Some times it make sense to check a system from a other one. In the past i often thinked about, that haiku could be good for anti-virus or other software, managing and proof other ons. Like knoppix with recovery tools, partition manager, anti virus tools…

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