Cherokee fonts in applications?

I have a default install in English with the Noto Cherokee fonts also installed.

I have a text file with the cherokee letters that do not show in Pe, Jed, LibreOffice or cat “file” in terminal.

I’m not seeing any Cherokee font in here, how did you install it?

Welcome, tsesani!

FWIW, if I download one of the Cherokee fonts and put it e.g. into /boot/system/non-packaged/data/fonts/ttfonts/, I see the font in StyledEdit, Appearances, Pe’s and LibreOffice’s fonts.
I don’t have a file containing Cherokee letters, so I can only assume it’s working…

They were installed by one of these haiku packages.

Welcome to the Haiku shell.

~> pkgman search -a | grep ^S | grep font
S caladea Serif font metric-compatible with Cambria
S caligula A script font
S carlito Sans-serif font metric-compatible with Calibri
S cascadia_code A monospaced font by Microsoft that includes programming ligatures
S clear_sans The Clear Sans font
S croscorefonts A font metrically compatible with MS corefonts
S dejavu The DejaVu font family with improved Vera fonts
S essays1743 Essays 1743 font
S fira_fonts The Fira font
S fontawesome Iconic scalable vector icon set
S fontboy A small application to show your installed fonts
S fontconfig A library for font customization and configuration
S freetype A free, high-quality, and portable font engine
S inconsolata A monospace font designed for programmers
S kacst_fonts KACST Arabic Truetype Fonts
S lato_fonts The Lato font family
S liberation_fonts The Liberation Fonts
S lohit The Lohit family of Indic fonts
S mplus M+ Japanese outline fonts
S nafees_nastaleeq The Nafees Nastaleed font
S nanumfont The Nanum font
S noto The Noto font
S noto_chroscore The Noto font (Chrome OS core font)
S noto_condensed The Noto font (condensed variants)
S noto_regional The Noto font (special language/region version)
S noto_sans_cjk The Noto font for CJK languages
S noto_sans_cjk_jp The Noto font for CJK languages (default Japanese)
S open_sans The Open Sans font
S overpass An open source web font family
S paratype A font collection for languages of Russia
S roboto The Android Roboto font
S terminus_ttf TTF version of the Terminus font
S tex_gyre TeX Fonts extending freely available URW fonts
S texlive_fontsextra TeX Collection: Additional fonts
S texlive_fontsrecommended TeX Collection: Recommended fonts
S timgmsoundfont A good quality General Midi Soundfont
S ubuntu_font_family Font family from Ubuntu operating system
S unifont GNU Unifont Glyphs converted to TrueType
S urw_base35_fonts URW++ base 35 fonts
S vl_gothic A modern gothic font including Japanese, Latin and Greek glyphs
S wqy_microhei A droid derived Sans-Serif style CJK font
S wqy_zenhei WenQuanYi Hei-Ti Style (sans-serif) Chinese outline font
S x_series_fonts The X Series 2 Fonts

Copied from Pe


You can right-click on the font and then select, get information (not in Enlgish here so I don’t know the correct sentense).
In the information window you would see in the third tab what package is providing it.


It’s in the Noto Regional font set. It seems to be mostly working on my machine.

Does Cherokee syllabary - Wikipedia show OK for you

It doesn’t render properly inside of WebPositive but I can copy and paste the text into Pe and change the font to Noto Sans Cherokee - Regular and it shows up.

Edit: If I set WebPositive to use that font as default then the page renders properly.

Thank you, changing font in Pe works for me.

Changing this in Web+ wasn’t quite to it’s liking :slight_smile: But after a restart it seemed to be ok.

Currently the font “fallback” system to select various “regional” fonts is hardcoded in app_server and filled manually. We can add an automatic attempt to use Noto Cherokee there if the selected font does not contain the needed glyphs.

Any plans for translating Haiku and its applications in Cherokee? :smiley:

translating all of Haiku, probably not
I just like knowing certain things work

In Terminal and for Jed it’s Terminal set font to unifont.

I had just not run across this until today.

Thanks to all.