Checksum error for mesa-21.3.4-x86_64 with pkgman update


I attempt to make an update of Haiku system (after a fresh install) with pkgman update and “mesa-21.3.4-x86_64.hpkg” make a checksum error. Bad data when I download this package.

Thanks for reply

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  1. Manually download mesa* packages from Haikuports repo.
  2. pkgman update mesa* packages.
  3. pkgman full-sync
  4. shutdown -r

Expected Result:


Those packages got updated while @kallisti5 was fiddling with some infrastructure matters. Maybe they got corrupted or replaced without the checksums being updated properly in the repo file?

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Thanks, that worked.

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Should be resolved now. I found a big plate of spaghetti scripts I had to detangle for my own personal sanity. I built a -2 mesa package which seemed to fix the issue.

I was able to add repository signing as well to haikuports… so all repo files are now signed by Haiku, Inc and can be manually validated on a running Haiku system via minisign. The keys are in /boot/system/data/trust_db