Changing search engine in Webpositive

By default Google is the search engine of Webpositive. There is an option to change the search engine in Webpositive via Window ->Settings and in the General tab. When I changed to I thought duck duck go would be the new default search engine! Come to find out, google is still the search engine. When I search for something in the address/search bar I always get google results.

So I thought I needed to close Webpositive and restart it and all would be well, it wasn’t. Google is still the search engine! I would prefer to use duck duck go instead of google simply for privacy sake. It also doesn’t hurt to have search results based on what you entered instead based on what google thinks you want to see!

Any idea how to change the search engine?

As of now the address bar’s search engine is hardcoded AFAICT, too bad since I’d be interested into changing it too.