Change HDD => SSD

I want to change my old HDD by an SSD (~ 250GB), is it well supported?
do you recommend one particularly?

SSD works, with the limitation that we don’t properly support “trimming” yet (marking unused blocks so the SSD can internally optimize itself). On modern SSDs, this means slightly reduced performance, but they will still be much faster than spinning HDDs.

I’ve used various models from Intel, Kingston, and possibly another one, without particular issues.

OK thanks a lot.
Is it planned to finalize this driver?

Well, SCSI trimming is currently disabled because it is broken for an unknown reason. I didn’t implement NVMe trimming yet, but it should be pretty easy, I have a TODO list item for it.

I’m not very in a hurry … especially since I imagine your TODOlist, it must be long … long … long
In any case, a big thank you for all the work that the team is doing

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