Change default ttl in haiku

I’ve installed haiku on an old computer and it’s very fast, everything works out of the box, but one problem. I’m using my phone’s tethering connection for Ethernet and the speed is being throttled by my ISP. I usually fix this in Linux with sysctl default ttl 64-65 however haiku lacks sysctl. Is there a network tool in haiku for this purpose?

Look: The Haiku Book: Network Kit

it seems there isn’t a direct command like sysctl, as haiku is using a hybrid kernel, so I might have to do some manual configuration. it should be a similiar process to changing it on windows.

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The default TTL for IPv4 is 254 in Haiku. How could lowering it help with throttling by your ISP?

Anyway, the TTL in Haiku can only be set globally (per protocol instance). AFAIK the “ping” command allows you to specify a TTL; it should then be generally changed for anything later using that same protocol.

Yes I found this out when I pinged myself at localhost. They weren’t throttling my speed, it was just a slow connection. Everything’s working now.