Celebrating the big 10

I guess most of you will be aware that on the 18th (ie. tomorrow) Haiku turns 10!

If any of you is in Vienna, me and a fellow Haiku/BeOS-fan will be in the Sofa bar in Lindengasse to celebrate. (Let’s say nineish)

For those of you not in Vienna I propose you do the same. Let’s celebrate Haiku’s birthday pervasively.

No, Palm owns the PalmOS source code, which was very successful in its time. The BeOS source code and other rights passed to ACCESS Co. Limited many years ago along with the never used Garnet product which PalmSource developed but never found any customers for.

Well, there doesn’t seem to be much buzz, so I’ll have to comment my own thread…:

Happy 10th birthday, Haiku!

,… and to join in the celebrations, HP announced that it is killing off what little is left of Palm. Hey, the BeOS source code should be in a drawer there somewhere. I bid $10, just for sentimental reasons.