Cdrecord and usb devices

Both wrong statements.

USB floppy drive are just as standard as USB disks. There is no need for a specific driver. It doesn’t matter if the manufacturer and distributor know about Linux or not.

The driver for internal floppy drives is unfinished and non-working, but the one for USB was working last time I tried it. Which I mentionned in this very topic a few posts earlier and this is why lelldorin has offered to test it again (I don’t have a working USB floppy drive anymore, so I can’t test it myself).

So it looks like the driver was broken somewhat recently and it is not working anymore. Is there a way to gather something useful from the KDL? Do you have at least an error message and a backtrace?

Actually, not fully true. Some PC ‘plug-and-play’ devices require specific software drivers or firmware/driver provided for the OS. Lessons learned from the “Winmodem” era. Some devices ‘download-and-install’ drivers to a compatible OS.

My little AMD desktop w/floppy drive didn’t KDL during Haiku boot up during Haiku R1B3 release.
I didn’t remember the floppy driver working at that time when I tested it during Haiku R1B1->R1B2, but
no KDL issues during boot.

The USB floppy driver was mentioned as broken in the bug reports due to a kernel commit/change.
See: #9109 (usb_floppy doesn't function and causes kdl when unplugged) – Haiku

Yes it is. USB floppy drives are standard and specific drivers are not needed.

Winmodems are not standard, each of them is different, and that’s why Linux driver developers never bothered to do anything with most of them. Get a standard modem using a serial port and AT commands, this is much easier to support, as the commands are standardized and a single driver is needed.

I only have two screenshots around. Because it crashed and freeze (32bit):

Is this enough data to create a bug ticket?

This is on a recent nightly build? Yes, this is enough to create a ticket.

Does the system boot without it plugged in? Either way, can you run “syslog | tail 30” at the prompt?

Ticket here: #17549 (Connection of USB floppy ends in KDL) – Haiku (

The system freeze, any other way to get the date, is they stored on the hdd at boot up?

No, that command must be run at the KDL prompt, in order to get the last part of the syslog before the KDL occurred.

I finish my tests with USB burners.

I tried three different burners to get them to work on Haiku.

  • SAWAKE DVD recorders USB-A & USB C
  • Verbatim 98938 JQ3M External Slimline USB2.0
  • 1 from work (unnamed china product) - not recognized at all

Here are my observations:

  • If you start the system with a CD/DVD in the drive, it will be recognized and you can listen to music and watch films.
  • If you start the system without cd/DVD/blank, it is displayed in DriveSetup but cannot be mounted.
  • If you start the system with a blank, the system freezes or ends up in the KDL.

It seems to me that the driver has to ensure that a blank disc is not read, as this leads to endless attempts and a system overload.

Ticket to the tests
#17550 (Verbatim USB2 DVD recorder problems) – Haiku (

Hardware List
Haiku Hardware List


Maybe the driver should detect if it is a readable disk, or an empty one, and pass to the upper levels the correct status, so that the OS can show correctly that there is a blank disk inserted.

Yes i think so too, but this is not available for usb devices.

My sidenote (hrev55801 x64):

  • System reboot with a USB CD/DVD/BD drive connected without disc inserted - works fine.
  • System reboot with a USB CD/DVD/BD drive connected with a blank disc inserted - works fine.
  • Inserting a non-blank optical disc into the USB CD/DVD/BD drive after bootup - works fine.
  • Inserting a blank optical disc into the USB CD/DVD/BD drive after bootup - works fine
  • Mount/unmount/eject of optical disc using USB CD/DVD/BD drive - works fine

Can you give me the name and number of your external usb drive. I would add it to our hardware list and if i get it here in germany i can buy it for myself.


  • Apple USB SuperDrive (MD564LL/A)
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