CDPlayer App

I’d like to take an informal vote of Haiku users regarding the future disposition of the CDPlayer application included with Haiku. Currently CDPLayer cannot directly play CD audio on SATA drives because the audio cable that used to connect to the motherboard or directly to the sound card on older IDE drives has become obsolete. New drives no longer include such a cable - and many newer sound cards no longer have a provision for such a cable.
I feel that CDPlayer app should be dropped and the functionality merged into Haiku MediaPlayer. I don’t see any point in including an app whose functionality has been obsolete since at least 2007.

I agree with you completely. :slight_smile: I don’t use CD Player, don’t know of anyone on any computers on any OS nowdays that does, and think that either the functionality should be merged into Media Player or cut out altogether. I’m all for remembering the past, when I used to use Apple CD Audio Player, for example, but those days are long gone.

Overall, I think this is a brilliant point that you’ve mentioned!

I agree with vidrep. This app is a BeOS fossil.

I haven’t tested it for ages. I thought it playd wav files from an CD not using the hardware.

Anyways it exists a ticket where mediaPlayer and CD player should be merged.

It’s being removed. A patch exists to delete it out of the image; and I’ve already migrated it to HaikuArchives: and Humdinger already submitted a pull request to HaikuPorts:

Well, it could be interesting to have an “alternative” implementation like this:

Of course, this was for Windows (9x/ME !), but could be really interesting: it “simply” considers audio CD tracks as WAWs.
Simply and functional.

EDIT: forgot to mention, Haiku needs a “serious” player like Audirvana, IMHO

BeOS had that and, I think, Haiku from day one… cddafs.