CD/DVD-RW written with an old CD/DVD-Rom-Drive

Hi everyone,
have a problem with some CD/DVD-RW disks that was written with an old CD/DVD-Rom-Drive.
Sometimes they will or will not detected with my new DVD-Drive. If it will detect i can
clean it with cdrecord. If it will be not detect the DVD-Drive is trying to read the disk
continuous but never stops. On trying to eject the Disk manually Haiku is leading
me to KDL and needs a restart.
Is it possible Haiku registers, after several tries to read, that there is a problem with a CD/DVD-RW
and stops procedure, Medium will be not eject automatically, so i have a chance to clean it
with cdrecord?
Just an Idea cause disks are ok after cleaning and rewriting.

Regards, Morbid

Filing a ticket for this on the bug tracker ( ) would be useful. Here’s some information to provide in the ticket:

  1. version information about Haiku (e.g, hrev45678 gcc2-hybrid)
  2. hardware information on the older CD/DVD-Rom-Drive would be useful (e.g., listdev and if it is SATA, PATA, …,).
  3. KDL (or at least a clean /boot/common/var/log/syslog i.e., delete it. reboot. force the issue to occur. make a copy of syslog).

Already done! Thanks! Log and other stuff will be follow soon. Ticket #9288