CD CUE/BIN Mounting

Hi. I have a Thinkpad running BeOS. I would like to mount a CUE file within BeOS for a program which asks for a CD to be inserted. I could probably just burn the file to a CD, but would rather not need to rely on it.

Are there any such programs that exist in BeOS?

Note: It’s a audio CD for a game. Corum III.
I haven’t tested, but maybe this?

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Nothing I read on it showed that it would work, but I was just about to try it.

Edit: No luck there.

Edit 2: Also having issues running the program. It runs in the 86box found here. But it just complains about not having data files when installed on laptop (all files in same location.)

Use bchunk to convert cue to iso:

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Doesn’t seem to be the correct thing. I did read up on it, but if you want an Audio CD, supposedly it is not the tool to use. When I did use it, it created a separate ISO file for each audio track.

I burned a CD and it works. Also, weirdly, the game now works. I thought maybe it was because of the CD, or the fact that I moved the location of the folder after install, but it works now after moving and without CD. It must have been a messed up install. The game works, but the computer kernel panics after quitting.

Any programs for BeOS or Haiku that would provide me with a way to mount this CD as a file, and not have to use the CD?

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You can probably mount the .bin file using “diskimage register file.bin” from the command line, but the audio won’t work. It’s likely that the game just sends atapi commands to thecd drive to tell it “read track N”, and the audio is then sent directly from the cd to the soundcard, without going through the cpu at all.

To emulate this with a disk image should be possible, but it will require a custom driver and probably some userspace support application. I don’t think such a thing exists yet?


It would be too bad if it didn’t exist. I’m surprised since BeOS is known as a media operating system. There are a lot of audio and cd applications, you think you’d be able to mount ripped cds. Maybe there was no need or maybe things ended too quickly before the need arose.