Cbonsai - Grow bonsai trees in the terminal

As I learn more about Haiku and how it works and functions compared to my mainstays of Debian and OpenBSD (and I know that’s an apples and oranges comparison; don’t kill me!), I’ve been trying to see how porting software across platforms works.

One project I like to play with is cbonsai, which just prints nice little bonsai trees in the terminal. It uses ncurses and runs on most shells; I’ve use bash, ksh, and zsh and all three work. Because of its simplicity, all it needs is the ncurses6-devel package from HaikuDepot installed in order to build.

I’m looking at perhaps adding cbonsai to Haikuports, so I’ll be forking the repo to add the recipe and seeing if it builds, and then creating a pull request to have it included. I’m also building an .hpkg for myself to test it being installed system-wide and not just in my /boot/home directory.


There shouldn’t be a need to fork the repository, we like to use the original sources as much as possible.
To grab the sources you could have a look at repology where others already have a recipe for it.
The Alpine Linux one is one you could look into for a source link: APKBUILD « cbonsai « community - aports - Alpine packages build scripts

Looking forward on your PR :slight_smile:


My bad; should’ve worded that better! :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant forking the HaikuPorts repo (as mentioned in the documentation) and then adding in a recipe for cbonsai to it, then creating a PR. I just need to figure where to categorize cbonsai and getting it recognized as a recipe by haikuporter itself.

We follow Gentoo’s layout, so: Gentoo Portage Overlays - games-misc/cbonsai :wink:


Sounds good!

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