Can't show subtitle on any video player

Hello, is it just me or any video player on haiku can’t show subtitle (embeded or external subtitle) ? I try MediaPlayer, mpv and Qmplay2. For comparation, I open the same file / video using mpv on linux and the subtitle appears.

Edit : mplayer is able to show (embedded) subtitle and timestamp (need to use osdlevel option).

I end up using ffplay,
ffplay video_file -vf subtitles=video_file

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I can see subtitles at least on Media Player and VLC. I am on nightly, hrev57737.


Hi @fkap , is yours embeded subtitle or external subtitle (e.g srt file) ?

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It’s external srt file on the same folder with same name. Sorry, didn’t clarify.

Turns out, for mpv, it’s not only subtitle that won’t show, but osd (progress bar and time indicator) also won’t show up. I tried many mpv options but got no luck. Should I make new issue / post ?

Lua is not enabled for the mpv recipe at HaikuPorts. This is needed for the on screen controls. I do not have time to look into it right now but you can open a new issue at HaikuPorts with an enhancement request and maybe someone else can try to enable it.

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Oh I see, I once suspected at lua too.

Try this one (it’s the newer mpv version with lua5.2 enabled):

As always, BACKUP your exsiting package. :slight_smile:

EDIT: can’t see them either here (only have one video that has them, and they don’t display either in any player) :slight_smile:


I’ll test it soon, thanks Begasus.

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No promises though :smiley:

Unfortunatelly the subtitle and osd still won’t show up. Maybe I just need to wait for the updated official package.

It doesn’t come more official if I push the change to haikuports, but atleast I know now it didn’t change anything for you. :slight_smile:

MediaPlayer does show subtitles for me when using a SRT file named like the video file. The subtitles are clipped though and don’t show special characters. There’s already a ticket for the clipping part: #18151: Mediaplayer clip part of subtitles

MediaPlayer indeed can show external subtitle, for me the external subtitle somehow get trimmed when I use MediaPlayer.

The issue can be closed I guess at haikuports? The test package didn’t seem to fix anything. :slight_smile:

lol, should have seen that comming :rofl: (renaming it did the trick here) :slight_smile:

Also managed with Haruna :smiley:

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