Can't seem to get PySolFC to work on r1/b4

I’ve tried running PySolFC 2.6/2.8/2.20 (downloaded from their website), but keep getting problems, mainly to do with a lack of tkinter, I have installed tk - any ideas where tkinter is?

Try pip install tk

Thanks, extrowerk, but have tried pip/pip3, plus upgrading, but still no joy finding tkinter…

Does anyone have PySolFC running on r1/b4 yet?

That’s because the default Python packages for Haiku already have tkinter included, but to be able to actually import it, you need to install the tk package using pkgman install tk (pkgman install tk_x86 if you’re on 32 bits).

Sadly, tkinter is known to deadlock, so it probably won’t work for your use-case either, until that’s fixed.

Ah, OK, thanks BiPolar, I did pkgman install tk first off… :wink:

Have to wait & see if any one can fix the tkinter problem then. :slight_smile: