Can't run Pycharm or Intellij


I installed Pycharm& Intellij, but when launching, it throws this error:

The full message is:
Temp directory ‘/boot/home/.PyCharmCE2018.3/system/tmp’ is inaccessible.
If you have modified the ‘idea.system.path’ property please make sure it is correct,
otherwise please re-install the IDE.
Details: IOException: Cannot run program “/boot/home/.PyCharmCE2018.3/system/tmp/”: error=-2147483648, Out of memory

I also can’t launch Netbeans, so I think there is something error with openjre.
I tested with R1Beta and Nightly build image, same error.

Thank you

This is a ported program, so the correct place to report this bug is the HaikuPorts issues page: