Can't boot Haiku from USB stick in OS X

I can’t get Haiku to boot on my iMac from a USB stick. I’m using a late 2009 iMac 27" Core i5 and OS X 10.6.7.

I followed the instructions for installing the (AnyBoot) image file on the USB stick and restarted my iMac. It didn’t recognise the USB stick as a bootable volume.

Some posts here mentioned reFit. So, I partitioned the USB stick, installed reFit, installed Haiku on another partition and restarted. This time, the reFit menu appeared and the Haiku volume was visible but it would not boot.

The first time, it did nothing for 30 minutes before I gave up.

Second time, I held down the shift button before trying to boot the Haiku volume. I got an error message “No operating system present”.

What do I need to do to get it to boot ?

I will try Haiku in VirtualBox and from a CD but, I expect the CD won’t boot either. I’m missing the clues.

Many thanks.

I am having a similar problem with R1 Alpha 3 on a PC running Linux Mint 9. I booted from the Live CD and choose the usb stick to install to. The installation completed with no error messages. I then rebooted leaving the usb stick in to boot Haiku from it, but the Linux os boots from the hard drive! I have set the bios to boot usb devices first, then cd-rom, then hard drive.

The more I use and tinker with Haiku, the more I fall in love! Sure it is lacking a few apps here and some features there, but still it is the most responsive and fun OS I have used ever! I can see a time in the future when I can use Haiku as my main Operating System! As a “geek” Haiku scratches a particularly enjoyable itch!

Your BIOS must specify the boot order. Do you have BIOS set to boot off USB devices? It should be first or 2nd, after DVD/CD drive.

Haiku should boot up in under 1 minute but good to wait 2 minutes. No need to wait 30 minutes.

I got an error message “No operating system present”.
This sounds like Haiku is not found. ie, you have not installed it right; At the very least the OS should be found and attempt to boot.

USB stick instructions here:

Best is to run Haiku’s installer from LiveCD mode. 2nd best is with ImageWriter since that splits the drive into 2 partitions and it dd Haiku to the first. Worst is using dd. It takes the 700 MB image and fills up your entire USB key. ie, gives you only 700 MB no matter size of key. dd is only good to test if Haiku will boot from USB key but installer method is best to use.

Making a CD is easier and what you are better off doing. You can then use Haiku’s installer on the CD to install to a USB key.

Some burn programs do not check the Anyboot format so much better to add .iso to end of the filename to make sure your burning program treats it like an ISO image.

after reading this thread:
it appears that an “update” by Apple has broken the ability to boot from a USB thumb drive.