Can't boot (Grub - Debian Etch)

Hello everybody! I found Haiku and I’m very interested. I already emulated it on qemu on my Linux and I like it. I don’t want to kill my Linux. I copied the files from the image to my partition hda7 and I added a entry in Grub.
But the problem is, that grub don’t recognition the filesystem. It’s ext3 Format filesystem. Is this correct or need it another filesystem?


Copying the Haiku files to an ext3 partition is a dead end. Haiku can only live on a BFS filesystem (called BeFS in Linux). I don’t know how to install to a partition of its own from within Linux. Haiku doesn’t come with a ‘mkbfs’ right now, IIRC, and if you create a BFS filesystem with a Linux tool, you’re still missing a crucial part - the Haiku bootloader - which has to live at the very start of the BFS partition. Copying files to the BFS partition isn’t enough.

I’m sure there is a way though. You could always do a complete build of Haiku including build tools, but that is a -lot- of work, but that should let you build and install Haiku to a partition with a bootloader also added to it in the process.