Cannot boot into Haiku live usb

I have a Lenovo laptop with AMD A8 apu and Radeon R5 gpu to put the new r1 beta1 into. I tried using Etcher and SUSE imagewriter, both cannot pass Haiku bootsplash in the live usb. Are there some things I’ve missed?

You might have been falling in a non working KDL bug that prevents loading. Try to press/hold Shift key or pressing space key some times before the bootstplash to trigger the boot menu, and try with the safe mode.

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I’ll try it again tomorrow, thx for the info! :smile:

You need to Press&Hold the Shift Key almost immediately after having pressed Enter to initiate the boot process from the USB.

On many laptops, I have found that enabling the “Safe Mode” and “Use Fail-Safe Graphics Driver” options are sufficient to get to the desktop. If you do, then it is a matter of backtracking to identify the issue.