Canna (japanese input method)

Hello. I’m using the Canna input method, and I would like to know if there are a keyboard shortcut to switch between “hiragana”, “katakana”, etc (I mean, to swith between the different options of Canna).

The only shortcut that I found is “Alt+Spacebar”, but this is only to switch between “Canna” and the standard keyboard.

Thank you for your help!

Hi, these are some key bindings.

Alt + Space: Toggle input methods.
After changing to Canna, then input some Ro-ma ji text (ex. nihongonotesuto), then press space to start conversion.

Space: Select current phrase (Red background text) conversion candidate
F6: Change current phrase to Full width HIRAGANA
F7: Change current phrase to Full width KATAKANA
F9: Change current phrase to Full width Alphabets

Right arrow: Expand current phrase
Left arrow: Shrink current phrase
Up arrow: Cycle current phrase (HIRAGANA/KATAKANA/KANJI/Alphabet)
Down arrow: Ends current phrase conversion and move to next phase

Return: Ends conversion
ESC: Cancel conversion

For more imfometion, see default key binding file:

I hope this may help you.

Thank you!! This is just the info that I need :smiley:

Thank you again!