Can USB 3.0 ports be used as USB 2.0 ports?

Considering getting this Cubitek Mini Itx Tank case and an Intel D525MW Atom based motherboard and make my own Haiku Box.

This case has 2 USB 3.0 ports on front. Can these be connected to an Intel D525MW motherboard even though it is only a USB 2.0 based motherboard? Or will these ports not work and I can only use the USB 2.0 ports on the rear?

Would be nice if 3.0 ports can be wired to the 2.0 system.


Well, the case will comes with USB3 dual ports to one USB3 header, which will not match any of your motherboard USB2 header(s).

But, physically, yes, it’s possible to use an USB2 header to connect USB3 ports.
With these limitations:

  • you will need an USB3 dual ports to USB2 header adapter
  • obviously, as the USB controler is an USB2 one, these ports will be working as USB2 ports, not USB3 ones.

By adapter, I mean things like this:

That said, I wonder if it worth it, as these days an D524 ITX motherboard with USB3 controler should not be more expansive than an USB2 only + this kind of adapter…

As far i know, every USB 3.0 Controller has also a USB 2.0 controller integrated.
It’s definite possible to connect a Standard Type A USB 3.0 plug to a Standard Type A USB 2.0 plug.
But I think that the internel connectors are not compatible, even if you can plug the USB 3.0 internal connector on the USB 2.0 internal connector of the Mainboard.

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