Can somebody ban user "lebrancess" from the Haiku Matrix chat?

He’s been nothing but a disruptive troll for the past week, and nothing has been done about him. Not a single warning or any sort of penalty.


What is the matrix chat?

There is nothing listed about it here: Community Links | Haiku Project

You might need to send a message to whomever is a moderator in that room.

There’s a Haiku Chatroom on Matrix and one on Telegram, and there’s a pair of bots that bridge the two relaying chats from one to the other to unify them. I’m not sure who’s in charge of them.

I think no one from Haiku. I guess that explains why nothing is being done. Can’t you see who are moderators in this chat, and send them a private message?

Sent a PM to one of the moderators there. They should be able to read this post as well. :slight_smile:

EDIT: doesn’t seem to come from the matrix bridge, so probably something from Telegram?

I’m in the Telegram room, so no, but I’m hoping they at least have an account here, so they see this.

The user is posting through the Matrix Bridge.

Just ignore such people!
Do not feed the troll!

I’m not seeing anything in the logs from IRC nor matrix bridge. :confused:

The room mentioned here is a bridge between telgram and matrix somewhere. It’s not related to our irc channels

Hence my reply earlier :wink: