Can it be made easier to grab replicants?

replicants are one of my three favorite things about haiku (the other two: stack & tile and the media kit) – grab an app, make it run in a different app, have a customized workflow – it’s insane (though it sure would be nice if more creativity apps used the feature already and not in my imagined haikutopia future) and magical and exactly the sort of thing that keeps me coming back even though most of my workflow (photo and video editing, graphic design) doesn’t seem to be implemented yet. replicant handles, though, require a bit too much fine precision to grab – the target seems to be smaller than the actual graphical representation of the handle (which also could maybe stand to be bigger, or maybe just Be the lower right corner of a window when a hotkey is pressed). i understand i could well be the only person who’s even into replicants and am willingly open to all derision, fire at will.

I think it should be possible to change the size. - maybe open an enhancement ticket on track.

That more apps should use it - i am totally your opinnion. But there is a challange… it is not that easy to implement as it seems.
All Apps parts need to fully Archivable so thats not an so “easy” task as apps get more complex. For simple Apps its quite “easy”. So i guess thats the reason why the more complex apps lare not replicant enabled.

my thinking with replicants is they favor simpler apps which could in turn work in concert in a workflow of arbitrary complexity. for an example, look at the way kxstudio leverages audio plugins.

Wow … that would be a lot lot of work.
What fits mor to this idea is the media_server wich supports simple or complexe plugins wich could be “added” together like you want. For example. with cortex.

To archive this with Replicants is verry complicated because you need to define a way how they should communicate…

Because Replicants are simply only able to “display” data embedded in a nother View and dont talk to each other or to the Parent they are added to.

yes, they don’t. but, it’s a good way to organize parts. say you’ve got a set of media plugins you like to use together. sticking them together in a shelf wouldn’t connect them, but it would initialize them so you could load their graph in the media kit (far as i can tell, cortex doesn’t initialize anything but can save and load graphs). now everything’s organized as you like it to be and there’s only one more thing to do to get the backend working as it should.