Can I save all my preferences for Haiku and it's programs?

In Windows it could take a few days to put the Operating System, install all the programs and configure both to exactly how I want them to look and behave. That’s why I used to make an image of the system after I finished it all.
So… the question in the title.

Answer is: yes, i specially created an app for that , and its called WayBack Capsule:

and some wideo how it works:

Great! Hat’s off to you.
Doe’s it save other programs settings as well?

If you drop /boot/home/config/settings dir onto WayBack Capsule it will save all settings from every app that uses this dir as settings container.

There was LBackup aswell in Haikuware. Nice app aswell. Check this up…

Wayback capsule 1.0 RC2

Wayback Capsule 1.0 RC3
can be downloaded via Synthetic Package Manager

Lelldorin’s Backup

Coolness. I don’t know what a lot of things mean but I saved what you wrote and will use it when I’ll start with Haiku.

Lelldorin is pretty old, and the guy didn’t even fix the mistakes he made when he was writing the description. Is it in any way different from your program?