Can HaikuDepot display speed rate as " pkgman install"

can HaikuDepot display speed rate as " pkgman install"?

when pkgman inatall wine_bin, it display the real speed rate .
but not with HaikuDepot.
as the front of pkgman, it should have the same information to display for user .
the user will be cray when it see the freezing progress of HaikuDepot without the value of real download speed rate.

This assumption is wrong, it is not a frontend to pkgman.

HaikuDepot is an independent application build ontop of the same library, the package kit.

(There is also a third called SoftwareUpdater)

Anyhow, this information could be displayed by haikudepot too but is not currently afaik.

You can open a ticket to suggest this addition on our bugtracker

This ticket also covers download speed: #14425 (Enhancement: HaikuDepot statusbar statistics) – Haiku