Can Haiku be installed on a Mac Mini 2010 Model?

Would dig running Haiku on my Mac Mini 2010 model. I know via bootcamp I can run Windows. Can I do the same thing with Haiku? I know I can use a virtual PC but would prefer booting direct into Haiku and not doing the whole virtual PC stuff.



My Mac Mini 2010 booted with a Haiku nightly in Live CD mode. Vesa graphics, but very fast.
Network LAN and wlan did not run - LAN works on the 2009 model. A USB-LAN adapter may be used as a workaround.
I could not install Haiku to a Bootcamp partition. It was not recognized.

I believe it would be possible, but just be aware that hardware support is limited.

I’m currently running Haiku on a netbook, and for the most part all functions (including a neat little one that windows doesn’t do but haiku does, a horizontal scroll with the touchpad) are good to go, with the exception of audio through headphones (still don’t know why that won’t work!). For macs, the issue I think that’s most prominent is the hardware involved, but if it’s intel-based, you shouldn’t have too much a problem I don’t think. Finally, be sure to use a usb-anyboot image for your macbook. A cd is fine too, but a usb will make the process easier and faster and please BE SURE to partition your harddrive if you still want your mac OS X on the computer. Haiku is unable to do this function at the moment, so you may want a live Gparted in order to allocate some space.

Good luck, hope it goes well!