Call for testing - WebKit

Hi here,

As you may know, there was a lot of work done on WebKit this summer but there has not been a release of the resulting update yet. The reason for that is the new memory allocator for Haiku is making app_server run out of memory, which makes it impossible to run the test suite for the WebKit engine through.

In the meantime, I built a test version of the libraries (with HaikuLauncher, the minimal browser used to test them until WebPositive is linked with them). You can find it here for 32bit systems:

If you have some time to experiment, give it a run and see if it fixes or break things. You can report problems on the bugtracker ( as usual, mentionning that you are using this test version. If there are not too much regressions or I can fix them, I will ship the release without waiting for that app_server fix.


Ill give thius a run over tyhe next few days, hopefully a good result. :smiley:

@PulkoMandy: Is there a version available for x86_64? I can compile it myself if you give me some short instructions.

Follow the instructions in the README at

Thanks. Will try in the next few days and report back :slight_smile:

Hi all; same as ussual. Waths supose to be test?


Thans for the job!!!

Try to visit various websites to see if something works in Web+ but doesn’t anymore in this new version. But since it seems Gerrit is not working, I should fix at least that before a release, as this would be embarassing :>

I’ve been testing this Webkit build and comparing it to Web+ and so far it’s displayed all the web pages the same as if I was using Web+. With that being said, web sites that give me problems in Web+ such as or even the login page for still either won’t display, or will give me an error message.