Anyone using or know of a CardDAV or CalDAV capable client for syncing contacts and events/reminders with an email provider? Any suggestions for a good calendar application, even if it is local only?

If there aren’t any good options now I’d be willing to look at porting something, I am thinking of something like a DAV_daemon to sync a folder of person files with your email provider.


i’m also occupied by the same question. no idea? at least something to compile?

We actually have a GSoC project idea about this. It is named “calendar application” but it can be tackled in may ways, including starting with adding CalDAV support to our API in a generic way.

Let’s see if we get a student who is up to it!

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yeah! unfortunately i’m neither student nor up to it :wink:

syncevolution can do the synchronisation, but isn’t ported. It could be a nice component for a calendar application. Hey, maybe the events can be files with attributes, as well as syncing contacts in the same way, or is that stretching the paradigm too far?

(syncevolution can also act as a syncml server, though I haven’t figured out how to get it to act as a google->syncml bridge yet).

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I think having the events in the file system, a-la mail, is the best idea here because it leverages Haiku’s FS…

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