C++ Resyntaxed


What do you think about this?
Haiku developers uses something of that? or something else?

Looks like someone was bitten by rust developers. It’s definitely infectious.

I do not see anything stupid in this.
I ask programmers, C++ syntax has readability troubles or not, in their opinion. It is also interesting how such problems are solved in haiku.


An interesting approach, but I don’t know if using C++ as a base for that is a good idea, because while one is designing a new language, he may as well rethink some of the runtime behavior and other quirks, rather than just the syntax.

Anyway, in the case of Haiku, we try to have a coherent and rather readable coding style, but still allow the full power of the language to be used. C++ is one of the few languages that can be used all the way througout an operating system, from deep inside the kernel, to the highest levels of application and GUI programming. Having a single language to deal with is great for us, and having one that is well-known and reasonably popular helps gather new developers.


Can you explain what is it mean exactly.
There are particular requirements of code writing style?

Yes, like in many open source projects:

They set common rules for indentation, naming, and a lot of other things. This makes it much easier to read the code as it is always formatted similarly. You know that all variables starting with f are fields of the objects, starting with s are static, starting with k are constants, methods starting with _ are private, etc.