[C++]help wanted on BFilePanel


i’m experimenting a bit with programming for Beos, and i’m stuck on the FilePanel constructor. I don’t know if this is the right place fot this question, but it seems there is a lot of know how over here. I’ve tried searchin google, but can’t find an answer.

My problem:

FilePanel contructor:

BFilePanel(file_panel_mode mode = B_OPEN_PANEL,
BMessenger* target = NULL,
entry_ref *panel_directory = NULL,
uint32 node_flavors = 0,
bool allow_multiple_selection = true,
BMessage *message = NULL,
BRefFilter *filter = NULL,
bool modal = false,
bool hide_when_done = true)

My problem is that i don’t know what values to pass to the following arguments:

BMessenger - currently i’m using “be_app_messenger”

is this “be_app_messenger” the global application looper?

entry_ref - NULL
BMessage - NULL
BRefFilter - NULL

Can these values be NULL?

Compiler error:
No matching function call to…

Can anyone help me?

I discovered invoking the default constructor should be enough to, but still I get an error while linking:

Undefined refence to BFilePanel(…

I think BFilePanel is in libtracker.so - make sure you link to that. The top ofthe page about the classes in beos tells you which library they’re in. If you’re using BeIDE, just go to “Project->Add Files” and select libtracker.so - there should be a link to it in /boot/develop/lib/x86

Yes that’s it.

It’s the second time i forget to add the proper library to the project, and searchin for hours for the cause…

How stupid… :smiley:

But thanx!!