Buying a wireless PCI card with Haiku in mind?

Are there any that are currently supported or likely to be supported in the near future? I’m not sure Haiku will ever run on my rubbish nForce 450-based system anyway, but on the off-chance that it does, it would be nice to know I’m not going to have to then worry about networking.

As of now, Haiku has 1 wireless driver & that is for Intel Pro Wireless 2100 devices (laptop only?, I don’t think there is PCI version for desktop).

Hard to say if they’ll have support for other wireless cards by the time R1 comes out (main focus is to get Haiku up & running).

There are lots of network drivers for wired cards.

Zeta uses a somewhat outdated Ndis wrapper (it allows you to use Windows drivers in Zeta for wireless networking). Haiku needed an Ndis wrapper too (this way it would add lots of support for wireless cards & not have to worry about writing native Haiku drivers for them). A quick solution to benefit many.

I would guess that the integrated 2100 is on the PCI bus (as opposed to PCMCIA) - so it should technically work with a standalone PCI card. Unfortunately, I don’t think there are any with that chipset.