Buy BeBox or motherboard BeBox Dual

I buy BeBox complete system and working well

or complete BeBox motherboard working.


You want to buy?

You could buy something like this: Apple Vintage Power Macintosh 9500 Motherboard Logic Board 820-0563-B | eBay
And this: Power Mac 9500/132 PROCESSOR Card. 630-1735-A | eBay
And this: 16MB 168 pin DIMM 70ns for Power Mac Macintosh 9500 9600 | eBay
and probably this: iXMicro Twin Turbo 128 - Vintage Apple Mac Graphics Card | eBay or ATI MACH64 PCI Grafikkarte 109-32900-00 Memory Module Apple PowerMac 8500 9500 | eBay
and undoubtably this: Vintage Apple Macintosh Extended Keyboard II M3501 + ADB Mouse G5431 | eBay

You can then either find a PSU or modify an ATX one (it is possible) and source a SCSI drive or use a BlueSCSI 2, and you have a way more powerful machine. Bonus - it will run classic MacOS and also will boot Linux PPC and probably MacOS X if you are a glutton for punishment.

It will certainly run BeOS PowerPC better than any BeBox ever did.

Bonus - but an overpriced G3 upgrade card and you will have one of the fastest PowerPC BeOS machines ever.


If you’re only looking to run PPC BeOS a PowerMac (or just the working parts) would be cheaper, as memsom wrote.

That 9500 motherboard on ebay is way overpriced, if you’re going that way send me a PM, I can get you a motherboard+cpu+some ram+ati mach64 for cheaper than the previously mentioned board alone.

If you’re really after a BeBox, there’s a grey model on leboncoin…