Building XMRig / 'hwloc' dependency


I am an absolute beginner on Haiku. Sorry in advance if my questions seem silly.

I would like to compile a fork of the XMRig miner and I would like to propose a version for HAIKU because I like this OS a lot.

My sources are here :

Here are the commands I typed:

pkgman install cmake automake libtool autoconf
mkdir temp && cd temp
git clone
mkdir xmrig-4-xdag/build && cd xmrig-4-xdag/scripts
./ && cd ../build

Compiling dependencies crash on “hwloc”.

Can you give me any advice ?

You can try to install hwloc from the depot aswell, maybe the build system allows select system provided libs instead of the in-tree version.

Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to do that :’(

welcome to community @FSOL

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Try to run the following command:

export LDFLAGS="-lnetwork"

Then try to configure/build again.

In Terminal try pkgman search hwloc it will show some results for hwlock.
I installed (on 32bit) the hwloc2 version with pkgman install hwlock2_x86_devel for 64bit this should be pkgman install hwloc2_devel

EDIT first error running cmake/make in the source:
/Opslag/wip/xmrig-4-xdag/src/crypto/common/VirtualMemory_unix.cpp:163:109: error: 'MAP_POPULATE' was not declared in this scope; did you mean 'MAP_PRIVATE'?

Same result.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

pkgman install hwloc2_devel don’t change anything. I’ll reboot Haiku. May be this can help…

About “/Opslag/wip/xmrig-4-xdag/src/crypto/common/VirtualMemory_unix.cpp:163:109: error: ‘MAP_POPULATE’ was not declared in this scope;” I’ve not encouter this error before.

Here is my log :

May be a clue.


I’ll post a log when I get around to it next time, ps I didn’t use the script but run the build with cmake. The clue is related, just no sollution provided :slight_smile: