Building with static stdc++ in Haiku

I’m trying to compile an application that specifically wants statically linked standard c++ library ( -static-libstdc++ ) but on Haiku that doesn’t seem to work as it errors with

 cannot find -lstdc++: No such file or directory

I saw in the history a past commit saying that static libstc++ was removed, is my understanding correct? Is there anything I can do to be able to statically link to stdc++ in Haiku?

SInce it cannot be both statically and dynamically linked, just use the existing dynamic link if at all possible.

What architecture is the project being built for? x86, x86_gcc2, x86_64 ? If for x86_gcc2, you should link with -lstdc++.r4

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X86_64, linking dynamically works, but I hoped to be able to avoid editing tens of build scripts to remove the option as I was just trying to test how hard it was to compile the project

Haiku links everything dynamically per default (this is a prequisute for stuff like replicants), so it’s not that easy to switch