Building with jam pcre not installed

Hi there,

I was trying to get involved with Haiku. So I thought a good place to start is working on some bugs in an application. So I picked Pe as I would like for that editor to become better.

The Readme doesn’t really explain how to set things up, but I figured I can find out. I cannot.

I see Jam is being used. After installing that and running the ‘jam’ command I get the error (within Haiku as well as on my Macbook:
“You need to have pcre installed on your system.”

But I do have pcre installed (on Haiku I also installed libpcre0) and on my host macOS I also have it installed.

What am I missing? Should jam be compiled with a linked libpcre or something? I assumed installing it from HaikuDepot would have worked. It does not.

Would love to participate. But for now I’m stuck.


The message is a bit misleading. You need to install pcre_devel package.

Yes! Thanks, I assumed this was implied. But I now found the dev and source flags in HaikuDepot and installed the devel package.

My next error is that Be.h cannot be found, what package would I need for that? I thought that was part of libbe? However I can’t seem to find in the HaikuDepot.

Which brings me to the HaikuDepot is there a command line version of that?


Maybe first try to run haikuporter to build Pe, it should pull all needed parts, for one … in the recipe there is another dependency mentioned:


Yes. Thanks.

It’s called haiku_devel not libbe as I thought. Haikuports helps! Good starting point


‘pkgman’ is the command you are looking for.
pkgman help
will give you all necessary information

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If it’s something new you are trying to build sometimes adding dependencies is needed, sources usually depend on the headers from given dependencies, depending on the build type, pkg-config or cmake should give a yell on missing headers, they are mostly supplied by the _devel packages :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Yes I come from Ubuntu so I’m familiar with -dev packages, just didn’t know it was similar on haiku. Also haikuDepot didn’t show them by default. The thing was that even haiku_devel wasn’t installed. I figured it out int the end. Because I’m working on Parallels the boot order got mangled, so I ended up booting in the live disk or something. And the development environment isn’t set up there.

Got it working now. Thanks!

If you could take a few minutes to list the problems you had and the solutions maybe we can improve some documentation somewhere to make things easier for people in the future.

Sounds like part of it was devel packages being kind of hidden in HaikuDepot.

Yes, I was thinking about this. But I’m not sure what happened, other than that I found out I was running the os from .iso I used to install it. So perhaps the boot order got mangled in Parallels.

But for sure. I find the “getting started” docs per package very slim. I’m not sure if there is “one” way to do software in Haiku, because I see a variety of Jamfiles and Makefiles.

I think if the Readme’s of individual packages have a Getting Started or point to a document on the Haiku official docs that would be helpful. If I can help out writing such a document I would glady do it. But there is already a fair bit of documentation. Not sure if an extra document helps or would be even more distracting. :man_shrugging:t2: