Building part of the Haiku source for 64 bit

Tried to find the answer to no avail, so adding a post.

I’m running Haiku 64 bit in a vmware image, and it runs nicely. I thought I’d start to try and get used to building Haiku from source before volunteering to do small code tasks, like reformatting or testing particular apps on 64 bit.

I’m stuck at building the source. I’ve configured for x86_64 in my --target-arch, but it’s failing trying to link the following when doing a full build (@nightly-raw) : haiku/generated.x86_64/objects/haiku/x86_64/release/system/boot/bios_ia32/boot_loader_bios_ia32

This looks like a 32 bit bootloader, so I don’t find this surprising. I also note that the port status page says 64 bit builds are at 90% completion:

So my question really is twofold:-

  1. How can I build just one app in the source for 64 bit, not the whole lot (E.g. lets say deskbar for arguments sake) - what jam command do I need from within the generated.x86_64 folder?
  2. Does anyone know of a simple code reformatting or build on 64 bit task that needs doing? (I know these are listed in trac, but I’m wondering if there’s anything off the top of people’s heads that is simple but needed.)

Also, any gotchas for 64 bit builds that aren’t mentioned in the docs would be very handy to know.

Thanks in advance.

64 bit Haiku currently cannot build the bootloader:
For building a target, see:

Assuming you wanna build Haiku components, after configuring, you invoke jam on build targets in the haiku top folder (/path/to/my/source/haiku/). For example: jam -q StyledEdit
Takes some time the first time until all the kits needed are built, but subsequent builds are fast.

The above said, you don’t need the Haiku source to fix 3rd party apps at e.g. HaikuArchives. Therefore, you won’t find tickets for that in Haiku’s Trac.
Or maybe I misunderstood… :slight_smile:

Ah yeah let me be more specific. I noticed the completion of Haiku for 64 bit is set at 90%. I’m assuming there are components in the main source tree, therefore, that need compiling or 64 bit fixes applying to them? Or perhaps, there are simple things in there to fix in the code (E.g. formatting, styling, and other things from the Coding Standards page).

Oh by the way I solved my generic 64 bit build issue. As I was on 64 bit and wanting to build 64 bit I assumed I had no need to follow the 64 bit buildtools configure step here:

I was wrong. You totally need to run that configure step using the buildtools to build 64 bit on a 64 bit Haiku OS. Everything appears to be compiling well now… time will tell.

I’m not aware of anything in the Haiku trunk that’s included in the image not working on 64bit. Where did you find that 90% number?

There may very well be source not complying to the current coding style. So that may be a starting task. Just make sure you keep the patches small or people won’t be inclined to review them very quickly… Esp. with the looming beta release. :slight_smile:

Check out Owen’s haiku-format. Should be a big help, and while using it, you may file bugs/enhancments on it.

Ah thanks for that link, I’m sure that’ll be very useful.

The status is on the x86_64 line here. Three green ticks, but the ‘Status’ column is set at 90%. Not sure what this is referring too. I presumed it was just that some code hadn’t been validated on 64 bit.

That page hasn’t been updated in a while; x64 is now as or even more stable than 32-bit. Someone should give it a once-over… sounds like a job for @kallisti5? He knows more about ARM/PPC than I do…