Building moonlight on Haiku

Surprisingly I tried to build Moonlight ( GitHub - moonlight-stream/moonlight-qt: GameStream client for PCs (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Steam Link) ) on Haiku, and it compiled fairly easily.

The problem is that it crashes if X11 is used and it gets a blank window if Wayland is used. I fear it has to do with the fact that it mixes EGL, SDL, X11, Qt, Wayland, which is not a very common use case and thus something the Haiku implementation of those libraries might not handle well.

I’ll have to investigate further, but getting it to work would be a great way to temporarily have access to Gaming and Software not yet ported to Haiku through Moonlight/Sunshine. The alternatives, like RDP, perform too badly for daily usage of a remote desktop and Qemu is so slow on Haiku that is not very useful.